drink2 Cardiologists agree, binge drinking and continual excessive drinking may lead to cardiovascular disease. It’s best to moderate your alcohol intake, or cut alcohol consumption altogether. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that women drink, on average, one drink per day or fewer. The AHA recommends that men consume, on average, one to two drinks per day or fewer. You can view further information surrounding AHA recommendations here. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to a number of heart and cardiovascular complications, including all of the following:

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can cause a multitude of problems overtime, and it’s crucial to monitor your pressure and maintain healthy pressure to ensure that you mitigate the chances of bodily ailments. High blood pressure can contribute to problems, including heart failure or a heart attack, loss of vision, stroke, kidney disease, erectile dysfunction, memory loss, fluid in the lungs, peripheral artery disease, and angina. Again, drinking too much alcohol can contribute to high blood pressure. Moderate your alcohol intake to aid in maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

Heart Failure

Consuming alcohol in excess can weaken the heart and lead to heart failure. In addition, as we’ve just mentioned, continual alcohol consumption can lead to high blood pressure which may, over time, result in heart failure. If you’re at risk for heart failure, speak to your doctor about if you should be consuming alcohol or how much alcohol you can consume.

Extreme Cases & Binge Drinking

In extreme cases and binge drinking, alcohol can lead to cardiomyopathy, arrhythmia, and cardiac arrest. Refrain from binge drinking, and don’t drink alcohol if you have an adverse reaction when you consume it. If you’re concerned about your cardiovascular health, speak with your cardiologist before consuming alcohol.

If you’re further curious about alcohol and your heart health, you can speak to a specialist here at Stockton Cardiology by scheduling an appointment.