A pacemaker, or pacer, is a small device that sends electrical signals to the heart in order to regulate the heartbeat. If a condition develops in the heart where it beats too slow, fast, or in irregular rhythms, a pacemaker will prevent this, ensuring the heart is able to distribute the adequate amount of blood throughout the body.

Here at Stockton Cardiology, we regularly monitor pacemaker activity through our pacer clinic. During this clinic, your cardiologist will provide ongoing care and education for maintaining your device. During successive visits, your cardiologist will check the pacer’s battery levels, adjust the settings if needed, and download information remotely transmitted from the device. Most of the time, device adjustments can be made in the office if needed.

If you have any questions about our pacemaker clinic or any other service we offer here at Stockton Cardiology, give us a call to speak with a cardiologist today.